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Welcome to the companion website for Principal Leadership for Racial Equity: A Field Guide for Developing Race Consciousness. Talking to staff about race, addressing biased behavior, calling for effective and racially conscious instruction, and revamping discipline policies takes courage and resilience. Our goal is that the research-based material and diverse voices from the field we share in this book will inspire that courage in you.

The fact that you have chosen this book proves that you believe, as we do, and as research supports, that principals can be the force for change that eliminate teaching gaps. Principals are positioned to transform schools mired in outdated, biased practices into learning environments that glow with high expectations for every student, strong relationships between teachers and students, an embrace of student voices and cultures, and a student-centered commitment to high achievement for every learner.

What readers are saying…

A deeply meaningful, uncompromising call to action.

Glenn E. Singleton, from the Foreword

This book expands on, differentiates itself from, and is more direct than any other publication out right now on how to go about leadership equity work.

Karen L. Tichy, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Saint Louis University, MO

Offers a compelling message of hope and steps toward inclusion for school administrators and district leaders in addressing racial equality.

Debra Paradowski, Associate Principal and Administrator, Arrowhead Union High School, WI

This book will allow us to lean into discomfort and become more human.

Elizabeth Alvarez, Chief of Schools, Chicago Public Schools, IL
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Knowing Myself: “I Am From . . . ”
I Am From Template (click to download)

Knowing Myself: My Cycle of Socialization
My Cycle of Socialization Template

VIDEO: Chapter 1: High School
Watch: Chapter 1: High School

Reflect on This: What I Do vs. Why I Do It
VIDEO: Simon Sinek, “Start with Why”

Reflect on This: My “Why,” My Simple Slogan
VIDEO: Linda Cliatt-Wayman, “How to Fix a Broken School”

VIDEO: Taika Waititi: Give Nothing to Racism
VIDEO: Taika Waititi: Give Nothing to Racism

Reflect on This: Exploring White Fragility
VIDEO: “Deconstructing White Privilege”

Reflect on This: Two Short Films That Illustrate Mental Models
VIDEO: “Silent Beat”:
VIDEO: “The Lunch Date”

Reflect on This: Walking Boldly Toward Your Biases
VIDEO: “How to Overcome Our Biases? Walk Boldly Toward Them”

Reflect on This: Kiri Davis: A Girl Like Me
VIDEO: “Kiri Davis: A Girl Like Me”

Your Data Dashboard
Data Dashboard Template
Data Dashboard Template II

Activity: A Day in the Life: Shadowing a Student
Shadow a Student for a Day Template

Reflect on This: My School Process and Policy
VIDEO: Ibram X. Kendi, “How does self-interest shape today’s narratives?”

Equity Lens Policy Review 
Equity Lens Policy Review Template

A Model for Direct and Clear Conversations
View Interactive Document

Reflect on This: A Lesson on Blackface
VIDEO: “Lessons on Blackface”

Reflect on This: “The Only Way to Fight Hate”
Article:  Nancy Gibbs, “The Only Way to Fight Hate”

Podcast: Krull and Raskin

Leadership for Racial Equity in Schools and Beyond

About the Authors


Candace Raskin, Ed.D.

Candace Raskin, Ed.D., served as an educational leader in Minnesota public schools for 18 years as a superintendent; director of curriculum, instruction, and assessment; middle school and elementary principal; and high-potential coordinator. Her research on developing racially conscious leadership has been recognized nationally and is published in numerous scholarly journals. She currently provides leadership and teaches in the administrative licensure graduate program at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Twin Cities location. She also teaches doctoral courses and advises doctoral students as a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership. She is the cofounder and facilitator of the Institute for Courageous Principal Leadership.


Melissa Krull, Ph.D.

Melissa Krull, Ph.D., has an extensive background serving in leadership capacities at a 10,000-student school district for 20 years, 10 of which were spent as superintendent. Her recent work includes leadership teaching and research toward the elimination of racial achievement disparities. She has served as a keynote speaker, panelist, and presenter for various organizations and universities, including Georgetown Law Center and the White House. Dr. Krull is the coauthor of a chapter in More Courageous Conversations: From Theory to Practice (2012). She currently teaches graduate courses in the administrative licensure graduate program and advises doctoral students through the Department of Educational Leadership at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Twin Cities location. She is the cofounder and facilitator of the Institute for Courageous Principal Leadership.

Antonia Felix, Ed.D., MFA

Antonia Felix, Ed.D., MFA, is the author of 23 books, including biographies of Senator Elizabeth Warren, Supreme Court justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and NATO commander Wesley Clark. She has taught literature, writing, and seminars on public intellectuals at the college level, and is an academic writing and research consultant. Dr. Felix offers a racial awareness workshop that utilizes expressive writing to explore biases, White privilege, and Whiteness.